Dr Debdipta Basu

Dear Readers, The 4th issue of our magazine 'RubTech Focus' will see sunshine shortly. Thanks to all of you who have encouraged us to put our best efforts

to publish highly useful articles in our previous issues. This particular issue of the magazine is primarily devoted on just concluded IRMRA's 24th Conference & Expo, Chennai Trade Centre held during 21st to 23rd September, 2023. This episode of the conference won the pride of being one of the best till date among all other editions in the past.

We would like to acknowledge and congratulate the sponsors, advertisers, exhibitors, participants and team members of IRMRA for making this event a grand success for rubber fraternity. The engagements from the national and international sectors of rubber industries were noteworthy. We have witnessed a very enthusiastic participation from various overseas countries like Germany, France, Australia, USA, Italy and of course our sweet motherland, India.

The successful outcome of the programme has been achieved only through your valued support and cooperation. We are extremely thankful for your participation, care and handholding during the course of the programme since its inception. We are immensely grateful for your grand presence throughout the event.