Studies on structural element by totting tire derived aggregate

G. Venkatesan

Department of Civil Engineering University College of Engineering (BIT campus)


In the region of five billion tons of concrete are utilized more or less in the planet and increasing every year. In view of the environmental problems faced today considering the fast reduction of natural resources like sand and aggregate. Owing to the growth of Science and Technology in recent decades, on another hand, the building is often subjected to risk of corrosion and Sustainability, the application of any element in the proportions of concrete will possess the property of Resisting and rejuvenating the nature of Concrete. The administration of worn tires might be a worry in industrialized nations.

The apparatus of morsel elastic as light-weight mix in bond principally based materials might be a unpractised different for reusing this material. High substitutions of normal sand by morsel elastic were concentrated partner degree an air-entraining specialist was used to affirm a cell structure inside the cement based composite.